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The Maison Güth arboretum in Hoste is a discreet treasure, which contains around forty tree species, local and exotic, each more surprising than the last. They were collected more than 50 years ago by Joachim Güth. You can admire, for example, a giant American sequoia. It can be visited freely every day (access from the back of the Güth house, rue du petit pont). There are as many stories about trees as there are trees in History that are whispered in the arboretum: What happened after the visit of a President of the United States of America to King Louis XVI ? What did a Jesuit who left to evangelize China leave us? A poet and a musician found inspiration in a tree which also interests hatters and this other once coveted by manufacturers of bricks, gunpowder, baskets and bakers. This yet another, whose use was decisive during the great battles of the Hundred Years' War and trees which advanced medicine. These mysteries are revealed to you during guided tours led by a passionate scholar. Guided tours on request.

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