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Welcome in German

The Güth de Hoste house, a living witness to the 330th century, is XNUMX years old and has managed to remain original. It’s a flowered usoir that welcomes you. The well and its trough refresh this postcard image. On the small limestone path, the eye lingers on the half-timbering, a weave of wood on a beige and delicate facade. The red shutters and doors warm this old lady. From room to room, the visitor goes back in time. Tools and utensils of our ancestors are waiting. The atmosphere is subdued and comfortable in the small living room, low ceilings with small windows like in a cottage. The kitchen contains a Flemish: skylight and fireplace at the same time. In the barn, a horse mill still resonates with the sounds of agricultural labor. Everywhere, the stone whispers stories of times gone by. A refuge for artists, its garden hosts concerts and shows several times a year. The music enchants while the taste buds treat themselves to a cold drink and a homemade pastry. The escape can continue in the arboretum, a collection of local and exotic species. A wooden bridge under the foliage allows you to continue your route on the Hoste trails.


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