• Sarah Schwartz

  • Jean-Marie GUZIK - Les Carnets de Moselle-Est

  • Jean-Marie GUZIK - Les Carnets de Moselle-Est

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At the Barrois Quarry in Freyming-Merlebach, colorful ocher cliffs, sometimes pink or yellow, transport us into a canyon landscape. Its 80m high belvedere reveals the ponds which have long since replaced the machines. In fact, the sandstone was crushed into sand for backfilling mining sites. Shaped by Man, demanded by Mother Nature, the quarry has a new face. It is as much a refuge for the brown toad, the green toad, the eagle owl and bats, which nest in the cliffs, as it is a playground for mammals, fish and insects, especially delicate ones. dragonflies. Wildflowers bloom like drops of color amid the vast emerald green expanses. Pedestrians and cyclists are welcome for various walking routes with several access points and parking lots. Access prohibited to any combustion engine vehicle, access authorized to electric bicycles. Swimming by humans and animals is prohibited in order to preserve the fragile ecosystem.

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